The Team 2014
Gayle Gallagher (captain)
Robert Bauer
Mike Behnen
Chuck Claybough
Maggie Claybough
Dave Davis
Bernard DeCoster
Dave Domian Sr
Mike Dunston
David Gain
Brendon Gallagher
Dean Gallagher
Stuart Huels
David Johnson
Barb Kraus
Greg Kraus
Lindsay Laun
Ke Mashek
Denny McCarthy
Mark McLaren
David Nieters
James Ortmeyer
Tony Schmidt
Dr. Susan
Dave Sivcovich
Julie Spirk
Charlie Stackle
Bud Straumann
Jeffrey Topel
Chris Wagner **
Dan Whelan
Marc Whitcomb
Teresa Whitcomb
Fred Wolfmeyer

Rebecca Adams
Bert Davich
Dean Gallagher
Gayle Gallagher
Dr. Susan
DJ Searle
Cindi Straumann
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